IRW Bridge Kit for Gibson Type Acoustic Guitar Ivory pins 2 1/8" string spread



Complete kit includes: 1 – High-quality solid Indian Rosewood bridge for Gibson style 2 1/8” wide string spread/spacing at the saddle (width across 1st and 6th holes; on center). 1 – Non-compensated bone saddle pre-cut to fit bridge. Optional rosewood shim is also included if you want to increase height of saddle for higher action and to increase break angle. 1 - Set of 6 ivory ABS bridge pins. All holes in bridge are already countersunk for our standard-sized bridge pins.

Bridge Dimensions: 1.03" x 6.03" x 3/8" high. Saddle slot: 2 7/8" long.

Note: Holes are not drilled all the way through, so bridge-pin holes can be drilled through the bridge and guitar, after bridge has been glued to the top. Holes can also be pre-drilled in bridge prior to installation, depending on your guitar.y.

Parts also sold separately

Price: $24.95