IRW Bridge Kit for Gibson Type Acoustic Guitar Ivory pins + 2 bone saddles


Luthier Quality Acoustic Guitar Bridge Kit


Full kit includes: 1 – High-quality IRW Rosewood bridge for Gibson style wide string spread/spacing of 2 3/8” (width across 1st and 6th holes; on center).

1/18” x 3 1/8” x 1/2" Unfinished bone saddle blank or DIY luthier saddles.

1 – Additional compensated bone saddle, pre-cut to fit bridge. Both 80mm long bone saddle blanks.

1 - Set of 6 ivory ABS bridge pins. All holes in bridge are already countersunk for standard-sized bridge pins with pre-cut notch for strings and 3/16” starter hole.

Note: Holes are not drilled all the way through, so bridge-pin holes can be drilled through the bridge and guitar, after bridge has been glued to the top. Holes can also be pre-drilled in bridge prior to installation, depending on your guitar.

Bridge Dimensions: please see diagram


Warning: Installation instructions not included.

This product requires very careful installation and will require a skilled person to make sure the bridge kit and all its parts fit correctly and are functioning properly. If you are not an experienced guitar tech or are uncertain about the installation process, please consult a local professional luthier for further assistance. We are not responsible for any alterations made to the bridge kit due to incorrect or poor installation. No returns will be accepted.



Price: $24.95