Replacement bullet truss rod cover for 60s vintage Epiphone guitars


New replacement bullet style truss rod cover for Epiphone guitars from the 1960s including the Coronet, Crestwood, Wilshire, Olympic, Broadway, Zephyr and Casino electric guitars and the Frontier, Texan and Caballero acoustic guitars. Custom-fabricated thin 3-ply glossy black/white/black plastic, 60 degree beveled edges except for the edge that sits against the nut. Includes 2 - #4 x 1/2" Phillips round-head screws. Dimensions: 1 1/8"W x 2 1/2 H x .07” thick with 2” on center holes. Please measure your guitar to make sure it will fit.

Highest quality, most accurate, reproduction vintage Epiphone truss rod cover available anywhere.


Price: $19.95