Thin ABS Plastic Binding Guitar 3 Colors White Ivory or Black-10 PCS GET 2 FREE


10 Pieces of thin ABS Plastic Binding for Guitar Mandolin Luthier - Choice of White, Ivory and Black


This auction is for 10 pieces of High quality thin ABS plastic binding for making all types of musical instruments including electric guitars, acoustic guitars, mandolins, banjos, etc. Each piece measures .022" Thick X 1/4" Wide X 66" Long. This is the same binding used by all of the top guitar manufacturers in the USA in your choice of three colors - white, ivory or black Thick binding also available in white and ivory so see our other auction.

For a vintage aged look, use ivory and black. For a newer look, use white and black. The ivory (antique white, cream et al) is just right for recreating that vintage ivoroid look on Gibson, Martin, Fender and many others. See pictures of sample Fox Guitars pickguards for reference.

ABS bindings will adhere to almost any surface like wood, other plastics and itself. Plastic cement/model glue works the best for laminating strips together and adhering them to wood and other substrates. Spray adhesives and super glue also work well.

Purchasing large quantities of these bindings used on our products also allows us to pass along a significant discount to our customers. Pricing is very competitive compared to any other supplier of equal quality.


Mix and match colors for larger quantities. All items shipped from Florida USA by US Mail. 



Price: $35.00