Artec Black Single Rail Guitar Pickup Strat Sized Alnico 5 magnets


Artec vintage-style single-rail guitar pickup with a chrome rail, black plastic bobbins, side-by-side Alnico 5 magnets, single conductor with ground. Wax-potted. Includes mounting screws and springs for height adjustment when mounting pickups on a pickguard. 8k output – Great in the neck position for a vintage sound. Very bright punchy sounding pickup. Pickup is the same as any standard-sized Strat or similar pickups and can also be mounted to the guitar body, in the pickup cavity, but requires different screws (not included).



Warning: Installation instructions not included.

This product requires very careful installation and will require a skilled person to make minor adjustments to your instrument to make sure of a good fit and the pickup is functioning properly. If you are not an experienced guitar tech or are uncertain about the installation process, please consult a local professional luthier for further assistance. We are not responsible for pickups not working properly due to incorrect or poor installation.


SKU: Artec-PU
Price: $22.95